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About Us

Service that exceeds expectations.

No other I&D labor vendor can offer such high quality national service in traditional construction, stretch fabric framing, and various systems with the same kind of commitment to customer service.  Sho-Link goes the extra mile to ensure your exhibit will shine when the show opens. Sho-Link provides a professional, unique and singular field service sales advantage.

Since 1993 Sho-Link has been helping companies like yours increase business agility. We pride ourselves on passion, integrity and high standards to earn your trust.  In addition, you can count on Sho-Link for innovative and cost effective solutions that may arise before, during or after the show.

Sho-Link provides exceptional service through one-point responsibility and consistent dependability in all areas of a job.  With Sho-Link you have one source for experienced, skilled, and carefully selected I&D labor.  

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