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Supporting the FVSRA Service Project

In fall 2016, the Fox Valley Special Recreation Associations (FVSRA) service project held a group activity to help benefit local homeless animals, as well as individuals with physical disabilities and special needs. Below is a picture of the volunteers during what they will now call the “Sho-Link Dog Toy Project”.

"The volunteers were very excited to know that these toys would go to the Humane Society of Aurora to support all the homeless dogs and cats at the local shelter," stated Deborah Rudel, of the United Way Fox Valley.

With over 70 volunteers, the participants used old Sho-Link t-shirts to make dog toys, and some cat toys, for the sheltered animals, by braiding them together.

"This project not only put to good use, the donated t-shirts, but also helped the volunteers work on their dexterity, team building, and social skills. Great Job Sho-Link!" noted Rudel.

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