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Sho-Link's December Power Performer Selected

Congratulations to Alvin Decuir from the Las Vegas office on being selected as the Power Performer for December 2016! Alvin has been recognized for his great support and attention to the client’s needs. Alvin was awarded a gift certificate to

Other recognized Power Performers include: Albert Fernandez, Amy Rushing, Bob Wickers, Byron Glass, Caleb Casella, Chad Bostwick, Charlie Pruitt, Darrell Herrin, Ed Raburn (2), Frank Kocimski, Franklin Alacala, Jesse Reyna, Jim Genzano, Jim Perida (2), John Curran, Johnny Rocha, Jose Herrera (2), Jose Zavala, Justin Ham, Kevin Gardner, Kevin Graf, Kyle Kludasch (2), Lauren Benton, Matt Brosseau, Mike Ameling, Mike Gray, Mike Mosey, Rene Sandoval, Richard Hilton, Robert Tarolla (2), Russ Lasta, Scott Ciepley, Scott Mahoney (2), Stan Acovelli, Steve Allibone, Steve Hawkins, Tim Moinette & Vulcho Bonev.

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