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Case Study: How Trade Show I&D Experts Manage the Unexpected

One would hope that after years of working in the trade show industry, you’d build an immunity to Murphy’s Law. But the rule, “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong,” doesn’t discriminate. You can plan everything to a tee, but any experienced exhibitor knows that you’re never completely in the clear until show time. That’s why it helps to build strong network of trade show partners who are there to support you when things go askew.

Download Managing the Unexpected: Samsung at HIMSS 2017, a case study that follows Sho-Link and our face-to-face marketing partner, Derse, at HIMSS 2017. See how we raced against the clock to finish Derse client Samsung’s installation work when the odds were against us.

Find out how we completed 30 hours worth of work in just eight hours with our:

  • Trusted network of on-site I&D partners

  • Negotiations with convention center show management services

  • Dedicated on-site management team

At Sho-Link, our focus is managing the unexpected. As a true partner, we’re happy when our partners and their clients are happy.

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