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Sho-Link's July Power Performer Selected

Congratulations to Lauren Benton, from our Las Vegas office on being selected as the Power Performer winner for July! Lauren has been recognized for being efficient and scheduling a carrier for the client. She was awarded a gift certificate to

Other recognized Power Performers include:

Aaron Lincoln (2), Alvin Decuir, Angelique Marchetta, Barry Erhart, Bobby Fenton, Brian Roberts, Bryan Hainey, Chris Avaritt, David Benson, David Brassell (2), David Cinquegrano, Ed Cagle, Ed Raburn, Edward Jenkins, Eloy Fernandez, Felipe Hernandez, Henry Membreno (2), Jeff Ginsler, Jerry Regep, Jim Paslawski, Joe Cuta, Joe Terzi, Joey Brassell (2), Joey Brassell III, John Hehr, John Ward, Justin Ham, Keith Woodruff, Marty Huie, Mike Berens, Randy McCutchen, Rob Douglas, Robert J. West, Russ Lasta, Steve Watson (3), Trey Middleton-Elwood, Troy Boggs & Wes Weaver.

Thank you,

Sho-Link, Inc.

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