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Sho-Link's March Power Performer Selected

Congratulations to Gina Lanier, from the New Orleans office on being selected as the Power Performer winner for March 2018! She has been recognized for working hard to find a solution for the client on the show floor. She is being awarded a gift card for her efforts.

Other recognized Power Performers include:

Aaron Lincoln (3), Brandon Speck, Charlie Pruitt, David Brassell (2), David Brassell II (2), Ed Jenkins, Eloy Fernandez, George Boyd, Greg Matthews, Joe Spangler, Joey Cagle, John Britton, John Curry, John Duncan, Jose Herrera, Larry Roberts, Luc Lanau, Marie Colon, Matt Tidwell, Randy McCutchen, Rob Arroyo & Sean Watson.

If one of our employees has impressed you lately, please recognize them as a Power Performer by completing this brief form Online Power Performer.

Thank you,

Sho-Link, Inc.

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