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Sho-Link Inc. Names Jim Genzano as Regional & Division Director

Sho-Link Inc., a premier installation and dismantle service company, names Jim Genzano, regional & division director. Genzano joined Sho-Link as a lead man in November 2006; he was promoted to Southern California city manager in January 2007 and regional operations manager in 2014. During his 19 years in the industry he has worked as a runner, warehouse man, traveling lead man, show floor coordinator and spent time working with an exhibit builder. Genzano says, “I’m really excited to tackle the new challenges and tasks ahead.”

In addition to his oversight of their West Coast operations, including California, Nevada and Texas, his areas of responsibility include international business, employee mentorship and training, and participation in their Technology Innovation Group. Colleen Johnson, corporate vice president, says, “Jim’s enthusiastic portrayal of our core values and commitment to service and continuity are the foundation to his success and will continue to be crucial with the new areas he is actively leading.”

Rob West, sr. director of field operations, adds, “Jim’s attention to detail and tireless work ethics are a perfect example of his commitment not only to Sho-Link, but to the industry. I am certain his new role will challenge Jim and continue to lead to new and exciting roles within Sho-Link.”

Established as a cooperative in 1993 by an elite group of national exhibit houses, Sho-Link is a nationwide high quality I&D supplier with competent and experienced labor providing consistent service and know-how. Their focus is on managing the unexpected as a true partner in the many diversified fields of installation and dismantle that include tradeshows, museums, corporate environments, private events and retail installations. For more info, visit or call (847) 735-0640.

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