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Photo Poll: ECN Visits The Show Floor to Ask…

What do you like best about working I&D?

ECN visited InfoComm at the Las Vegas Convention Center just before the closing bell to ask the I&D fellows who were checking in to dismantle the booths an easy question…What do you like best about working I&D?

Ken Hoskin, Sho-Link:

“I like that there’s something different every day. I don’t have to go to an office and do the same thing every day. I get to go to different places and do something different every day. I just got back from the security show in San Francisco. I get to travel and do something different—it’s the only way I’d get to some of these places like New York and San Francisco.

Joe Terzi, Sho-Link Show Foreman:

“I like the challenge. Every booth has something different: whether it’s the clients, the structure, the facility—there’s always something different and something challenging and that’s what makes it fun for me. And, of course, the crew. We have a great crew of guys—we’re all like family—it makes the days go great when there’s people you like and can trust.

Albert Fernandez, On Location:

“Building. I like the challenge of building the structure, dealing with the clients and the chaos and then getting to see all the rewards the day the show opens.”

Adrian Carreras, CSI Worldwide:

“For me, personally, the opportunity to travel and to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse—plus the corporate dealing with high-profile clients. I’m from Miami and this is my third trip to Las Vegas this year – I was here for CES, ISC West and now InfoComm. I’m usually here for Life Fair, the Shot Show, the big shows. I&D is a stark contrast to delivering furniture or kicking carpet for a GC. When you’re working for an I&D company, it’s a lot more intricate and a lot more fun.

Alex Flores, CSI Worldwide:

“To me, it’s the challenge. I like working the different shows. You get to build different exhibits from show to show, so it’s always something different.”

Allon Saadya, NMR Events:

“What I like best is when my boxes come. It’s different for us A/V guys because no one can tear down the booth until we get our stuff (the monitors, computers, seamless walls, LED walls, speakers, lights, etc.) out first. And we can’t get our stuff until the carpets get rolled up and the rolling carts get brought out.”

This column originally appeared in the July/August 2018 issue of Exhibit City News magazine, p. 48. For more pictures and original layout, visit

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