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Sho-Link's February Power Performers Selected

Congratulations to Ken Coombs, from the Las Vegas office on being selected as the Power Performer winner for February 2019! He has been recognized for his great work. He is being awarded a gift card for his efforts.

We would also like to Congratulate Mike Berens, from Laser Exhibitor Service of Seattle on being selected as the Affiliate Power Performer winner for February!

Other recognized Power Performers include:

Aaron Lincoln (2), Adnan Saab (2), Andrew Pactwa, Anthony DeLeon, Antonio Coca, Ben Lincoln, Blake Metcalf, Brian Franco (2), Byron Glass (2), Casey Burchak, Celeste Bame, Chris Schmalz, Chuck Woods, Dan Koski, Dave Benson (2), David Brassell (2), David Brassell, Jr., David Crist , David Walter, Dean Mercer, Derek Dunning, Drew Smith, Erica Kelly, George Boyd, Gregory James (3), Jack Herrera, Jamie McCaskill (2), Jarad Gusfa, Jeff Brosseau (2), Jeff Deschler, Jesse Reyna (2), Jessie Collins, Joey Brassell, John Curry, John Hehr, Johnny Rocha, Jose Herrera (3), Jose Zavala, Joseph Kelley, Ken Hoskin, Kevin Gardner (2), Kory Kraus, Kurtis Dapp, Lauren Benton, Leandra Spontak, Marc Santos (2), Marci Tarpy (2), Matt Brosseau, Matt Tidwell (2), Michael McDaniel, Mike Brauser, Mike Kelce, Nathan Wedgeworth, Nic Magdaleno, Randy McCutchen (3), Reed Claxton, Rich Medley, Richard Hilton (2), Richard Polendo, Robert Tarolla, Rocky Mohacsi, Sarah Dunson, Sarah Metcalf (2), Steve Romero (2), Steven Anderson, Tabitha Diamond, Tony Redman, Will Goza & William Sinkay (2)

If one of our employees has impressed you lately, please recognize them as a Power Performer by completing this brief form Online Power Performer.

Thank you,

Sho-Link, Inc.

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