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Sho-Link's March Power Performers Selected

Congratulations to Gregory James, from the Southern California office on being selected as the Power Performer winner for March 2019! He has been recognized for doing a fantastic job on the installation of the booth. He is being awarded a gift card for his efforts.

We would also like to Congratulate Nathan Wedgeworth, from Hamilton Exhibits on being selected as the Affiliate Power Performer winner for March!

Other recognized Power Performers include:

Abraham Jimenez, Amy Taylor, Andrew Cagle, Austin Harju (3), Ben Lincoln, Bertie Yerex, Bill Force, Bryson Maxwell, Byron Glass, Casey Burchak (3), Casey Hoff, Chad Doyle, Charlie Pruitt, Chris Major, Cory Cummings (2), Dan O'Day, Danny McGee, Dante Muhammed (2), David Brassell (4), David Brassell II (2), David Crist (2), Derek Ernesto, Ed Cagle, Ed Favella, Ed Marchetti, Eloy Fernandez, Erica Kelly, Frankie Valle, Gabe Larson, Gary Bunch, George Boyd, Gino Kopel, Greg Welsh, Jamie McCaskill (2), Jared Fox McLead, Jared Gusfa, Jean Keefe, Jeff Brosseau, Jerell Maldonado (2), Jermayne Jefferson, Jim Dahlke, Joe Farias, Joe Sandos, Joey Brassell, Joey Tortaro, John Curry, John Riss (2), Jorell Queja, Jose Zavala, Joseph Kelley (2), Julie Snoke (2), Justin McCurdy, Keith Hall (2), Ken Herman, Ken Hoskin (2), Kevin Donnelly, Kevin Gardner (2), Kimberly Miller, Kirk Hubbell, Kurtis Dapp, Kyle Kludasch, Larry Roberts, Leandra Spontak, Marc Santos (4), Marcus Moreno, Marion Russell, Jr., Marion Russell, Sr., Mark Ochoa, Mathew Rouba, Matt Brosseau, Matthew Ortega, Maurice Tate, Michael McDaniel (2), Mike Cobb, Mike Darland, Mike Ellul, Mike Glover, Mike Haren, Mike Manzari, Patrick Brown, Philip McGuire, Rafael Gonzalez, Randy McCutchen (3), Reynaldo Perez, Richard Polendo, Rick Madison, Robert Buley, Robert Reynolds, Ruben Lara, Rudy Garcia, Ryan Maldonado, Sam Blankenship (2), Sam Kopp, Sarah Metcalf, Scott Ciepley (2), Scott Lowe, Scott Mahoney, Seth Warner, Stephan Mahoney, Steve Hawkins, Steve Romero, Steve Watson, Steven Weaver, Susie Weygandt (2), Tabitha Diamond (2), Thomas Striegel, Tim Perry (2), Tony Belk, Tyjuan Clark, Vince Solis & Wally Paleczek

If one of our employees has impressed you lately, please recognize them as a Power Performer by completing this brief form Online Power Performer.

Thank you,

Sho-Link, Inc.

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