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Sho-Link's July Power Performers Selected

Congratulations to Ted Degel, from the Miami office on being selected as the Power Performer winner for July 2019! He has been recognized for his great work and making the client very happy. He is being awarded a gift card for his efforts.

We would also like to Congratulate Tristan Martin, from Coast to Coast Display Service on being selected as the Affiliate Power Performer winner for July!

Other recognized Power Performers include:

Alvin Decuir, Bill Force, Brandon Speck, Brian Franco, Byron Glass, Caleb Casella, Casey Burchak, Charlie Pruitt, Chris Avaritt, Donte Muhammed, Ed Cagle, Frank Kocimski, Fred Mahon, Gino Kopel (2), Gregory James, Jack Herrera, James Streicher, Jason Tripoli, Joe Rosenheim, Joe Terzi (2), Johnny Rocha, Jose Zavala, Julie Snoke, Ken Hoskin, Kenny Smith, Kevin Gardner, Kyle Kludasch, Marc Santos, Marci Tarpy, Marion Russell, Marion Russell II, Mark Ochoa, Matt Brosseau, Matt DeYoung, Micah Gately, Michael McDaniel, Mike Cobb, Mike DeYoung, Mike Kelce, Nic Magdaleno, Richard Hilton, Robert Tarolla, Russ Moentmann, Scott Lowe, Stephan Mahoney (2), Steve Lafray, Steve Watson, Tim Dudeck, Tony Ashburn & Wally Paleczek

If one of our employees has impressed you lately, please recognize them as a Power Performer by completing this brief form Online Power Performer.

Thank you,

Sho-Link, Inc.

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