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COVID-19 and how Sho-Link is remaining Connected

Sho-Link’s corporate & operations management teams, along with our city managers nationwide, are working hard to apply our core values of being adaptable and finding solutions in ways we never have before.

We know that our industry is sharing a never-before faced challenge and want you to know: we are here with & for you!

Sho-Link is taking action to keep our employees safe during COVID-19.

Here’s how:


  • Monitoring & closely following all CDC and local government regulations & requirements

  • Personal protection equipment for all employees working on site.

  • Educating employees on how to safely work on site with new COVID-19 protocols.

  • Closing our physical offices temporarily.

  • When not on a specific job site, all employees are working remotely for the safety of everyone and to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Keeping connections strong:

  • Weekly company-wide video conference meetings to stay in touch and share thoughts, ideas and training.

  • Staying up to date with COVID-19 and how we can strategically plan our future accordingly.

  • Keeping in touch with our member organizations and maintaining communication throughout all cities.

COVID-19 Updates and Resource page on Sho-Link Website:

  • Show Schedule Updates

  • Coronavirus Updates

  • Links to Resources and Event Industry News

We all know that a smile can go a long way. Sho-Link is encouraging all to stay safe, maintain social distancing recommendations, use proper safety equipment when necessary and above all to remember: If you stay positive in a negative situation, you can win!

Virtual weekly meeting, encouraging all to share what masks they’ve been using.

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