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  • Tony LaPuma

E-mail Signatures in Sent mail

Want to see your e-mail signatures in your sent mail? Good news: now you can!

As some may remember, during our re-branding phase, an emphasis was put on proudly displaying our new image where we could, this included our e-mail signatures. However, getting everyone to use the same signature became a daunting task and quickly was shown to be very problematic. So back in early 2017, Sho-Link adopted the use of an O365 e-mail connector to unify all e-mail signatures. This initiative has produced very good results and has contributed greatly to Sho-Link's professional image. However, this has caused an undesirable limitation: we couldn't see the signature in our sent e-mails, which made forwarding sent e-mail a little awkward. So, we've implemented a work-around that will allow you to see e-mails in your sent e-mail going forward.

Starting with e-mails sent 1/19/2018 onward, to see the signature on your sent items, you have 3 options; they are listed below with option 1 being the recommended option:

  • OPTION 1 (Recommended): When you want to see sent mail with the signature in Outlook, Right-click on the ‘Sent’ folder and click ‘Properties’. Click the button at the bottom that says “Clear Offline Items” (See the screen shot below). The items will clear and re-download and you will then see the signatures. (Note: You will need to do this every time you need to see the signatures up to a given moment. Also, If you attempt this procedure and you notice that the “Clear Offline Items” button is missing, you will need to restart Outlook)

  • OPTION 2: Log into your O365 e-mail online: and when you go into the Sent folder, all sent e-mails will have the signature appended to them. (Note: Once again, this only applies to e-mails starting 01/19/2018 and onward)

  • OPTION 3 (Not recommended – See note): In Outlook, go to File, then ‘Account Settings’ and click “Account Settings…”. Then Double-click your e-mail address. In the box that comes up, uncheck the box that says “Use Cached Exchange Mode” and click the ‘Next’ button (click ‘OK’ on the warning box that pops up) and then click ‘Finish’. Restart Outlook. (Note: In this mode, it will always display what’s online, however, the performance of Outlook is drastically affected and will perform very slowly)


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