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Please join everyone at Sho-Link in congratulating Jean Koscielny on being Sho-Link’s 2021 EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR.

Jean’s commitment to Sho-Link’s success over the last year has been unwavering. She has consistently offered to take on added responsibilities above and beyond her normal job expectations, and demonstrated by example to everyone, that taking extra initiative in providing both internal and external support to our clients and employees of Sho-Link, no matter what circumstances are thrown at us, allows us to prevail to meet and surpass expectations.

Jean’s enthusiasm and confidence of our success has been instrumental in our company culture of working together to obtain our goals, over what has been the craziness of the last two years.

Colleen Johnson, Corporate Vice President, shares, “Jean excelled this year; we have always known her to be part of the glue that holds us all together, but in 2021 her detail-oriented talents truly had an opportunity to shine.”

Scott Rudel, President, chimes in: “Thanks to all of our employees that have added so much to our success over the last year. This year, Jean truly reflects what a poster employee represents, giving it her all, by supporting our members and our employees without expecting recognition. Jean Rocks. Lucky us.”

"Jean is the go-to for so many, clients and coworkers look to her resourcefulness. She is always willing to lend a hand, asking what she can do to help. Jean embodies the meaning of partnership and is an asset to not only Sho-Link, but also her coworkers.”, relates Toni Jendras, Director of Administration.

“I believe in Sho-Link whole heartedly and the passion I share with the Sho-Link Family shows in our dedication, resourcefulness and caring can do attitude”, shares Jean, Senior Relationship Manager.


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