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Lake Forest, IL (January 2023) Sho-Link Incorporated a premier installation and dismantle service company. Please celebrate with us the acknowledgement of Robert Tarolla for the well-deserved recognition that this award stands for.

“This award has never been intended to name Robert Tarolla a winner of a competition among employees of our company. It is not based on any single criteria of who works the hardest or who was complimented the most during the year. Instead, this recognition is based on an overall synopsis of who exemplifies our companies core values and dedication to set an overall work ethic to exceed expectations and foster new opportunities for the people they work with.” said Scott Rudel, President of Sho-Link.

“Robert’s commitment to our members, their clients and his team continue to show how truly dedicated he is to the success of Sho-Link. Handling our largest city for over 7 years, Robert has earned this award and should be proud of his many accomplishments” Rob West, V.P. Operations.

Said Robert, “The unique challenges during the COVID and post-COVID recovery years have really emphasized to me just how crucial it is to have the right team surrounding you. While I am fully appreciative of receiving this award, I have to say that in my heart I share it with my team, especially Joe Terzi who is such a significant contributor to our success here in Las Vegas. Thank you to everyone at Sho-Link for this award, I appreciate working for a company that is family-oriented and focused on employees’ well-being.”

“So many pieces are involved in making Sho-Link a strong resource for our members, and Robert continuously demonstrates a customer service focus that enables the rest of his team to prioritize their shared commitment to making each show and each exhibit a positive experience for each client,” expounds Colleen Johnson, Corporate Vice President.

“Congratulations Robert and thank you and your staff for an amazing year, we certainly are looking forward to 2023 being a great follow up to this year.”

Scott Rudel / President

Established as a cooperative in 1993 by an elite group of national exhibit houses, Sho-Link is a nationwide high quality I&D supplier with competent and experienced labor providing consistent service and know-how. Our focus is on managing the unexpected as a true partner in the many diversified fields of installation and dismantle that include tradeshows, general contracting, museums, corporate environments, private events and retail installations. For more information about Sho-Link, visit or call (847) 735-0640.


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