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Sho-Link Opening New Division - Announces Mike Benson, Director of General Contracting & Events

Lake Forest, IL (June 2021) Sho-Link Incorporated, a premier national installation and dismantle service company, has announced a new division within the company, focusing on general contracting services for corporate events and trade shows. To lead this new endeavor for Sho-Link, industry veteran Mike Benson has been hired as Director of General Contracting and Events.

Starting in 1984 with Giltspur Expo services, Benson moved to Freeman Chicago in 1988, first as City Manager for their I&D department, then promoted to Director of Show Site Operations, where he served until 2015. During his career, he had the opportunity to produce countless shows in Chicago, as well as nationally and internationally. Mike also served on several panels as an industry expert on labor relations. Before coming to Sho-Link, Mike had a short stay as General Manager, Nimlok Chicago and was the driving force in starting a general contracting division within a large Midwest display producer.

“Sho-Link is such a great company, and I have known so many of their upper management and city managers for such a long time it is a natural fit for me here. And it is exciting to start a new division within Sho-Link; we are perfectly positioned geographically and with our existing staff to move into a new phase for us as general contractors,” says Benson.

Scott Rudel, President, Sho-Link, has this to say, “Having Mike join Sho-Link has proven to be a great highlight for us. With Mike’s understanding of our industry and his strong optimism he brings new enthusiasm for our long-term outlook. We are fortunate to have Mike with us as we move forward.”

Established as a cooperative in 1993 by an elite group of national exhibit houses, Sho-Link is a nationwide high quality I&D supplier with experienced labor providing consistent service and know how. Our focus is on managing the unexpected as a true partner in the many diversified fields of general contracting and installation/dismantling that includes tradeshows, museums, corporate environments, private events, corporate events and retail installations. For more information about Sho-Link, visit or call (847) 735-0640.


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