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Welcome 2024


We did it, made it through 2023. Are you tired? You should be.

We started off last year by celebrating Sho-Link’s 30th year anniversary, and what an amazing year we had.

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to the Sho-Link members. Through your support, our 30th year was our very best in Sho-Link’s history! 2023 broke all previous revenue records. We set an all-time record for order confirmations, participated in more shows than ever before, and we completed more jobs than any previous year. Our accomplishments are directly related to your continued support and trust in the partnership.

To all Sho-Link employees, and our Affiliate network, while our membership provided great opportunities, it is your hard work, commitment and dedication to Sho-Link that gets the job done. Congratulations to all of you!

Operationally, we enhanced our traveling Lead Man program, and reacquainted ourselves with the Rising Star program. We expanded our General Contracting and Events division. We received a record number of Employee Recognition recommendations for the Power Performer Recognition program. We invested in new vehicles and new equipment to improve our efficiency. In addition, you increased your employee rosters with some of the best new talents I have ever seen. Congratulations to you all, for an outstanding and safe year, you have made Sho-Link the Premier partner to our members.

A greatly earned recognition and thank you, to our Administration staff. You are the Great and Powerful OZ of our company. Although you may often feel hidden, and associated with the behind the curtain, you are some of the most dedicated employees we have. While glory is often by nature, given to the most visible, we all truly understand, that without your contributions, there would be no need to thank anyone else. While you may be hidden, I assure you that your contribution to our success is unmatched. Thank you again for the amazing job you do, day in and day out.

Every year, I strive to remind you that we are all in this together. No matter what role you play in the convention and trade show business – we must all work together and show respect for one another. I encourage you to be open to understanding the responsibilities and challenges that others in the industry deal with on a daily basis, thinking about the old adage “if you had to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.”

I would be remiss if I did not again acknowledge one of the most important participants in this partnership, with my heartfelt gratitude, thank you to your families. They also share in your daily successes as well as the hardships you work through every day.

While I have had the privilege to meet many of your families the truth is that I have not, and probably will never have the opportunity to meet them all. Please know that we acknowledge and support them as strongly as we support you.

As we celebrated all the good things in 2023, our Sho-Link family also faced some losses that have deeply saddened our company. Our dear friend, Steve Bierbryer, Miami City Manager, passed away in November 2023. Steve leaves a legacy of being an amazing mentor to many and will be remembered for his sense of humor and his kind and giving character, he will be greatly missed. We lost a very dear friend to Sho-Link unexpectedly last spring when Simon Pruetz passed away. Simon was more than just a member, as the principal owner of Nimlok/Orbus, Simon was also the chairmen of the Sho-Link Board for nine years. His support of Sho-Link and of mine personally, will forever be remembered.

Looking ahead to 2024. Experience tells us there are a few things every year in this industry we can expect. One thing is to be sure to expect the unexpected and be ready for change. There will be new lessons to learn, new personnel, new innovative ideas, and new modern technology to embrace.

The overriding number one thing you can count on, is that we will, once again, be proud of what we will have accomplished through the year when December 31st gets here. This is not a prediction; this is a statement of fact that is based on everything I know about you and your work ethics.

I, and the people that are charged with making policies and procedures to achieve the goals and objectives we set, will stay true to our responsibilities; to support you. No matter what role you play in Sho-Link’s success, we will provide you with the tools to do your job in the most efficient, enjoyable, and safe way possible.

Your job, along with all the paperwork, hours, and sacrifices, should also align with teaching, mentoring, and encouraging growth of the people around you. Do this with patience, open mindedness, opportunities, kindness, and empathy. Trust me, you will be rewarded immensely.

In closing, I send every one of you my sincerest gratitude. Because of your hard work and accomplishments, I come to work every day with enthusiasm (ok, two or three days a year, I do not). Thank you for your patience with me when I am slow to react, I will continue to work hard for you.

I have said it before, I am looking forward to seeing you on the show floor and sharing a lunch or two from the food trucks with you and your crews.

Welcome to 2024.







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