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Sho-Link Leadership Meeting 2023

In celebration of 30 Years, Sho-Link’s nationwide leadership team assembled in early August. President Scott Rudel expounds, “While Sho-Link celebrates this milestone anniversary, I can't help but remember a few of our most unforgettable yet rewarding history. I have had the pleasure of starting my employment with Sho-Link in the year 2000. The fact that so many of the people I met when I started still work here is a testament to the commitment and integrity of why we have been so successful. Onto the next milestone.”

The Chicago weather and skyline served as a perfect backdrop to action-filled days of learning, camaraderie, and excellent food. A highlight of the event was a series of “Shark Tank” like presentations, where teams showcased their ideas and inventions on ways to improve show floor operations to a panel of Sho-Link “sharks” and the rest of the audience. Corporate vice president Colleen Johnson shares, “The creativity of our personnel excels both on and off the event environment, and seeing this in action reminded all of us of what we can accomplish as a group when we are all working together towards the same goal – memorable customer service.”

The group also heard from Mike Benson, director of general contracting & events, as he shared Sho-Link’s extensive capabilities in this ever-growing arena of offering enhanced options to our members and their clients for their growing need to meet their marketing requirements.

Dallas city manager Marc Santos expressed, “The meeting was fantastic and very much appreciated”, which was echoed by San Diego city manager David Benson, “Thanks for your input and support all of the time. “

Three employees received awards commemorating their years of service: Jean Koscielny (20), Mike Glover (20), and Carrie Fiske (15).

Rob West, vice president of operations, commented, “Our annual leadership meeting is Sho-Link’s way of thanking all of our hard-working core leaders for the efforts they put forward each and every day on the show floor.”


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