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The Sho-Link Story

In 1993 a consortium of independent exhibit designers/producers launched Sho-Link Incorporated. 


As  the industries only co-operative organization, it provided installation  and dismantle services to the exhibitor clients of its eight original members that included :  Derse, Design & Production Inc., EEI Global, Exhibitree, Hamilton Exhibits, and Southwest Displays & Events.  In time Sho-Link's membership grew with Expon Exhibits, Icon Inc., Group Delphi, Nimlok, Dimensional Communications Inc., Downing Displays and EDE.


Initially Sho-Link serviced 48 locations, and as a result of the members' growth Sho-Link now is servicing over 200 locations nationwide.


Bob Firks, Founder, Sho-Link Inc.  had the vision and selected a foundation of dedicated professionals to provide the exceptional leadership contributing to Sho-Link's success. “ Passion is what distinguishes a great company from a good company.” Said Firks,  and this continues to be our driving force today.


As you work with Sho-Link you get to know the people who make a difference on a daily basis with their caring ways.  From the warm friendly staff in the corporate office to the city managers and the exceptional crews at show site, they raise the bar on customer service. 


Since the beginning, Sho-Link  continues to make an immediate identifiable difference.  Our Member /Owners are comprised  of the industry's most recognizable and influential exhibit companies in the industry.


Membership information is available by contacting Scott Rudel / President, or Colleen Johnson / Corporate Vice President.

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