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Business and event leaders have 

high expectations for events.

Yet, the challenge of doing more with fewer resources looms for event planners. There may be uncertainty about how you'll bridge the gap between stakeholder expectations and the current reality of your event. Perhaps you're anxious about the lack of collaboration.


The bottom line is that the success of your event shouldn't feel like a mystery.


You deserve clarity and best-in-class services because there is not a second chance to create a successful event experience.

From site visit and floor plans to audio-visual production and stage design - our team can handle it all. As an extension of your team, we meet you where you are with the services you need.

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Sho-Link's General Services Contracting {GSC) provides the full range of decorator, production and exhibitor support for events such as conferences, trade shows, proprietary events, product launches, or corporate meetings.

We have a team of experienced professionals, dedicated to providing top-notch services and making your event a success.

Our TPS (trust, partnership, success) approach to working with our clients has been the key to our success:

The Key to Event Success?
Your Event Team

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We value transparency and trust.  When you're confident about the impact on your bottom line, you can make strategic decisions based on information, not instinct.

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Our team works closely with clients and other service providers to ensure a cohesive plan and execution  of the event.  You deserve seamless coordination; event planning is stressful enough without worrying if everyone is in alignment with your priorities.

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Our goal is delivering exceptional experiences that result in a successful event and the satisfaction of our clients.

The events industry has changed, and you need to stay ahead of the curve.  As your provider, we will guide you to taking your events to the next level.  No two events are alike, so you have to be confident that you partner with someone who understands your specific needs, and has a plan in place to meet them.  No matter the size of your event, we are your trusted provider, and will meet you where you are in the event planning process.

Let us help you unlock the mystery of event success.

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