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People who make your setup extraordinary.

Thank you, for allowing us the opportunity to present to you, Sho-Link, Inc. We trust you will find our website informative and easy to navigate.


Let us welcome the new year 2024, as we continue preparing for another extraordinary year of experiences. As we finished our 30th year anniversary in 2023, it is with a true sense of pride that we can look back and say, 2023 was simply magnificent. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.


We move forward going into 2024 with grand expectations, ready for any changes that present themselves. We will continue to embrace our values, and work hard to maintain our vision to be “The Service-Oriented Company that others want to Emulate. “ We will continue to do this through partnership, trust, transparency, and employee recognition.


Our message for 2024.  We are here to add value to our members, clients, employees, and the industry overall. We will continue to move forward to strengthen our resolve of growing   our foundation of exceptional service throughout the industry.


Trust, Partnership, Success, this is Sho-Link.


​Thank you for your consideration and time in allowing us to highlight Sho-Link’s Culture and leadership, by navigating through our website.


Please stay safe and continue to practice safe health. To everyone, the very best for you in 2024.

Scott Rudel


Sho-Link, Inc.

Your partner on the show floor

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