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Thank you, for allowing us the opportunity to present to  you,  Sho-Link, Inc. We trust you will find our website informative and easy to navigate.


As we move into the final few months of 2022, and start preparing for the upcoming year, it is with a true sense of pride, that we can look back through this year and say, “ This year was simply magnificent.”


Our message to everyone in the industry at the beginning of the year was Moving Forward. We exceeded  in doing that.


Along the way, we  strengthened our resolve to continue  growing  our foundation  of exceptional service. We  accomplish our goals. We do this in part  through our amazing culture of empowering and supporting our employees, and by partnering with our members and clients. Trust, Partnership, Success, this is Sho-Link.


​Thank you for your consideration and time in allowing us to highlight Sho-Link’s Culture and leadership, by navigating through our website.


Please stay safe and continue to practice safe health.

Scott Rudel


Sho-Link, Inc.

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