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Sho-Link's November Power Performer Selected

Congratulations to Stephan Mahoney, from the Chicago office on being selected as the Power Performer for November 2017! Stephan has been recognized for his outstanding communication and problem solving. He was awarded a gift certificate to

Other recognized Power Performers include:

Angelique Marchetta, Bob Wickers, Bryan Mackovyak, Chris Avaritt, Dan Bernier, David Brassell (3), David Crist, David Velez, Jacob McCutchen (2), Jay Norman, Jay Reyna, Jeff Magney, Jerry Regep, Jesse Reyna, Jimmy Albert, Joe Rosenheim, Joe Terzi, John Britton, Jose Herrera, Jose Zavala, Kent Griffith, Kyle Kludasch, Louis Pagan, Matthew Roddy, Michael Burlile, Mike Burke, Mike Haren, Randy McCutchen (3), Rick Boger, Rick McCulloch, Robert Buley, Robert Tatum, Sal Lamanna, Scott Mahoney & Steve Watson.

Thank you,

Sho-Link, Inc.

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