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Sho-Link Helps Exhibitors Achieve Success at POOLCORP International Sales Conference

Sho-Link Helps Exhibitors Achieve Success at POOLCORP International Sales Conference

Held annually, the POOLCORP International Sales Conference hosts over 1,000 POOLCORP employees and is the principal event for POOLCORP, the world’s largest wholesale distributor of swimming pool supplies, equipment and related outdoor leisure products.

For the 2016 POOLCORP International Sales Conference, POOLCORP’s exhibit partner, Nimlok Louisiana, worked with Sho-Link to make sure that each of POOLCORP’s five exhibit solutions were properly installed and dismantled.

End-to-End Expertise

Damaged Components

National Pool Tile Group (NPT) was exhibiting with a 30’ x 30’ island exhibit. The exhibit was the most complicated project at the event and required installation expertise to be installed correctly and within budget. Sho-Link’s field supervisor, Steven Allibone, lead the Sho-Link Team, overcoming unexpected challenges along the way.

When the exhibit arrived onsite, it was quickly discovered that one of the exhibit’s panels had been damaged in transit. Allibone, coordinated with Nimlok Louisiana to arrange for a replacement panel to be shipped in time to have it installed before the start of the conference.

Unspecified Electric Box

During installation, the contracted electricians were unsure where to install the exhibit’s electric box. With years of experience installing Nimlok-designed exhibits, Allibone was able to make a quick on-the-floor decision, instructing the electricians to install the electrical box in the center kiosk of the exhibit. Allibone’s experience also came in handy when it came to ensuring that the power layout in the booth adhered to the appropriate security measures and specifications.

Required Rigging

While Sho-Link’s team was installing NPT’s exhibit, they learned that NPT had not secured rigging services prior to the event. Allibone swiftly sprang into action, contacting show management to arrange for rigging service and labor for NPT. With rigging delayed, Allibone reassessed the project and had his team assemble as much of the exhibit as they could until the rigging service arrived, helping save NPT on labor costs.

When rigging services arrived, the Sho-Link team assisted the riggers by aligning the graphics on the hanging sign frame properly and assembling the cabling according to specifications. The result was a beautiful, circular two-tiered hanging sign that was the focal point of the show floor.

Missing Product Display Components

While assembling the exhibit, Sho-Link’s team discovered half of the exhibit’s plexi placards were missing. Allibone learned that the NPT’s staff were in possession of the missing placards. Once the placards were found and delivered, Allibone’s team quickly installed the placards before the start of the show.

Missing Crates Delayed Dismantle

Sho-Link was also responsible for dismantling NPT’s exhibit. There was an unexpected hour delay as the crew waited for two shipping crates, so Sho-Link added two workers to expedite dismantlement, allowing them to only charge for one hour of labor.

NPT was very appreciative of Sho-Link and Allibone’s quality of service and expert professionalism during the installation and dismantling of their exhibit.

Expert Eye for Safety

Pool Style had a 20’ x 20’ island display situated in the corner of the show floor. Mark Speck, Field Supervisor, Sho-Link, was assessing Pool Style’s exhibit space, when he noticed an installed fire extinguisher. Speck knew that—per building code regulations—egress space was required for accessing the fire extinguisher in case of an emergency and that Pool Style’s exhibit might have to be modified for sufficient egress.

The Sho-Link team consulted with Pool Style, and decided the exhibit could be shifted to allow access to the fire extinguisher. Speck and his team measured the exhibiting space again to determine how to best reposition the exhibit to provide egress to the fire extinguisher. Speck and his team were able to reorient the 20’ x 20’ exhibit during installation without compromising the overall layout and design.

Thanks to Sho-Link’s experience, the team identified and rectified a problem proactively and provided Pool Style with an exhibit that was installed on-time and in-compliance.

Unmatched Expertise

Prior to installing Retail Chemical Store’s 10’ x 30’ exhibit, Mark Speck inspected Nimlok’s shipping cases for setup instructions. Unable to find the instructions, Speck contacted Nimlok Louisiana who referred him to Christina Fritz, Marketing Services Manager at POOLCORP. Fritz was informed of the missing instructions and the impending delay in labor until a solution could be found.

Mark and Brandon Speck used their extensive experience in installing Nimlok systems to match

exhibit pieces and ensure proper accessory placement and assembly without the setup instructions.

Fritz was pleased with Sho-Link’s honesty and resourcefulness and approved the extended labor hours due to delays caused by misplaced setup instructions.

Experience Pays Off

POOLCORP’s marketing and CPS Solutions’ 10’ x 10’ booths were the smallest and least challenging

exhibits for Sho-Link to install. Sho-Link’s years of partnering with Nimlok paid off, as both exhibits had simple popup frames and easy-to-apply graphics, which were flawlessly installed quickly and without incident.

After the conference, POOLCORP expressed their immense gratitude to Sho-Link for their professionalism and ability to troubleshoot and correct issues as soon as they arose.

By having a longstanding and trusted partnership with Nimlok systems and Nimlok Louisiana, Sho-Link was able to coordinate fixes, install exhibits without a hitch because of their familiarity with Nimlok’s components and deliver unsurpassed exhibit installation and dismantle services to POOLCORP during their biggest event of the year.


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