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Sho-Link's March Power Performers Selected

Congratulations to Mickey Bond, from the Dallas office along with Steve & Susan Bierbryer, from the Miami office on being selected as the Power Performer winners for March 2017! Mickey has been recognized for his top notch customer service. Steve and Susan were recognized for going above and beyond to make sure that everything was ready for the show. They are being awarded gift certificates to

Other recognized Power Performers include:

Aaron Lincoln (3), Albert Fernandez (2), Alex Tirado, Alina Hernandez, Anthony Gonzales, Anthony Taylor, Ben Valle (3), Bill Force, Brian Ferguson, Byron Glass, Caleb Casella, Chad Bostwick, Charlie Pruitt (2), Christopher Sanchez, Dave Benson, David Brassell (6), David Crist, Donald Brassell III (2), Earl Fitzgerald, Ed Raburn, Eloy Fernandez, Felipe Hernandez, Franklin Alacala, George Boyd (2), Glen Twillinger, Jacob Cluchey, Jacob McCutchen (2), Jason Boddy, Jesus Aguirre, Jesus Lopez, Joey Brassell (2), John Chambers, Johnny Rocha, Jonathan Willis, Juan Valencia, Julie Snoke, Justin McCurdy, Ken Hoskin, Kenneth Geraghty, Kevin Gardner, Kevin Robertson, Lauren Benton, Leandra Spontak (2), Mario Scott, Mark Roddy, Matt Tidwell (2), Mike Northcutt, Nic Magdaleno, Nikki Lahodny, Patrick Berry, Phillip Hernandez, Randy McCutchen (5), Rene Sandoval, Richard Hilton, Robert Tarolla, Ron Cummingham, Samuel Alacala, Sara Provenzano, Scott Lowe, Tiffany Fitzgerald (2) & Wayne Long.

Thank you,

Sho-Link, Inc.

Your Partner on the Show Floor

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