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Sho-Link's September Power Performer Selected

Congratulations to Brian Roberts, from the Chicago office on being selected as the Power Performer for September 2017! Brian has been recognized for his extra efforts to make the show a success. He was awarded a gift certificate to

Other recognized Power Performers include: Alexis Airway, Alvin Decuir, Bill Shrewsbury, Brendan Kerger, Jr., Brian Roberts (2), Bryce Lammers, Byron Glass, Chris Avaritt, Darrell Herrin, Darren Turner, Dave Maglott, Frederick Durrah, Gino Kopel, Greg James, James Ivey, Jay Norman, Jerry Regep (2), Jim Streicher, Joe Rosenheim, Joe Terzi, Joey Brassell, John Hage, Jon Flodstrom, Jose Herrera, Jose Zavala, Julie Snoke, Keith Hall, Kevin Gardner, Larry Roberts, Mark Haven, Randy Ivey, Richard Hilton, Richard Polendo, Ron Heuring (2), Ruben Coy, Russ Lasta, Scott Mahoney, Stan Acovelli, Stephan Mahoney (2), Steve Bierbryer, Steve Watson (2) & Vulcho Bonev. Thank you,

Sho-Link, Inc.

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