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Sho-Link's October Power Performer Selected

Congratulations to Joey Brassell, from the Nashville office on being selected as the Power Performer for October 2017! Joey has been recognized for providing excellent service for the client. He was awarded a gift certificate to

Other recognized Power Performers include:

Aaron Lincoln (3), Alvin Decuir, Andrew Cagle, Angelique Marchetta, April Panosian (2), Austin Harju, Bob Wentworth, Brian Mackovyak, Caleb Casella (2), Chris Avaritt, Chris Gregg, Chris Macrina, Dan Scarselli, Dave Benson (3), Dave Hiller, David Anderson, David Brassell (5), David Crist (3), Dustin Hiller, Ed Cottrell, Ed Favella, Fabian Perez, George Boyd (2), Gerard McKenna, Gino Kopel (3), Jacob McCutchen, Jaime Fierro, Jerry Mena, Jerry Regep (3), Jesse Mantavlo, Joe Cotton, Joe Reyna, Joe Spencer, Joey Brassell (2), John Curry, Johnny Rocha (2), Jon Flodstrom, Jose Rocha, Jose Vargas, Jose Zavala, Julie Snoke (2), Keith Hall, Keith Reece, Ken Hoskin, Kirk Kraus, Marc Santos (2), Mark McGrath, Mark Roddy, Matt Tidwell (3), Mike Glover, Neal Peters, Nic Magdaleno, Pedro Gonzales, Randy McCutchen (4), Rene Sandoval, Rich DePonte, Richard Hilton, Robert Simms, Robin Williamson, Russ Lasta, Scott Ciepley, Scott Lee, Scott Lowe, Steve Romero, Steve Watson, Susie Weygandt, Terry Diaz, Tobias Spalla, Travis Wagner, Troy Boggs, Wanda Jones, Wes Weaver, William Fagundes & William Goza (2).

Thank you,

Sho-Link, Inc.

Your Partner on the Show Floor

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