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For those of you who were gracious enough to read my letter last January, you may remember these words.

"Together, looking forward to the year 2017 let us be challenged" and "Our goal will remain, share our culture and practice our core values in everything we do. When we do that, we will stand out as a Leader."

I chose to start this year's letter with these words because they are so reflective and poignant to describe who we are and how we approached 2017.

Your enthusiasm was spectacular, you made the decision to not accept that good was good enough, you continually CHALLENGED yourselves to motivate, mentor, learn and show by example that our core values are more than just words.

ln 2017, we held two very important meetings, the Traveling Supervisors and the Annual Leadership meetings. Two distinct groups of personnel, each with different roles and responsibilities, both with the same objective - supporting the continual growth and success of Sho-Link. In both meetings, the theme was "No Excuses". You communicated to each other what it is like to walk in each other's shoes, what issues you confront while performing your job and how interwoven your issues are.

We invested in new technology. Technology that is constantly changing the way we provide services and improve efficiencies. I commend all of you for your open mindedness, patience and support as we embraced these new CHALLENGES. You have adapted well.

Our Employee Recognition Program has again surpassed last year's numbers, and we have expanded it to include our affiliate cities.

The renewed participation in the Lead Generation program provided our members with new build opportunities.

You Worked TOGETHER - these words have incredible implications, it's the short version of "one for all and all for one." You CHALLENGED yourselves in many ways, and I say with sincerity and respect, that you have made a difference in how we are perceived by our members, clients and our competition. I understand that the commitments and responsibilities placed upon you and your families due to the nature of this industry are demanding. As those demands grow, you continually meet the CHALLENGE.

I am very proud to say to the leaders and crews of Sho-Link, "TOGETHER, you knocked it out of the park"! You are accomplishing what we are setting out to do. We must continue this forward momentum and not stop challenging ourselves.

For many, traveling is a necessary component of this business. While there are days I go kicking and screaming to the airport, I appreciate that the experiences of travel far outweigh the inconveniences.

When traveling around the country I am welcomed with opened arms by Sho-Link employees, associates and competitors alike.

In 2017 I made a concerted effort to travel to more shows, client meetings, member presentations and industry events. I visited cities that I have not had the opportunity to call on in the past. My travels continually reminded me of the amazing groups of people that are involved with Sho-Link's success.

Our Affiliate contractors commitment to represent Sho-Link continues to prove to be one of our strongest assets in providing expected quality of service. The challenges they must overcome because of the market size they represent are commendable, they literally must wear more than one shirt, while providing an extension of the brand they represent an any given day. I am impressed and grateful for their commitment to the industry and to Sho-Link individually.

There are many pieces to the puzzle of this industry, all of which together make it possible to move a show in and out. To the union trades, the general contractors, freight movers, cleaning crews, on site first aid responders, security personnel and to everyone that plays a role in the industry, we thank you for your dedication and support.

A special thank you to the EACA members and their board of directors. Your dedication to acquire and share information and represent our community in the professional manner you do, must not go unrecognized. To the EDPA and EDPAF, congratulations on your countless efforts to support the industry and the families that are deserving of that support.

Finally, I say thank you one more time, to you and your families, for your loyalty, hard work, unselfishness and support of Sho-Link. Sho-Link and our industry are successful because of you. Be proud of what you accomplish. Continue to set the example of success and others will want to follow you. I ask that you stay on course, remain committed to our core values and spread our culture of partnership.

From everyone at Sho-Link, thank you to all our Members for your support over the last 25 years. My sincerest appreciation to the board of directors for your guidance and confidence in myself and the amazing group of people that make my job so rewarding.

See you soon on the floor,

Scott Rudel

President Sho-Link Incorporated

Sho-Link, Inc.

Your partner on the show floor.

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