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Sho-Link's May Power Performer Selected

Congratulations to Ken Hoskin, from the Las Vegas office on being selected as the Power Performer winner for May 2018! He has been recognized for his hard work on the show floor. He is being awarded a gift card for his efforts.

Other recognized Power Performers include:

Aaron Lincoln (5), Alvin Decuir, Brian Redmond, Byron Glass, Casey Castleman, Dan Bernier, Dan Centrachio, Dan O'Day (2), Daniel O'Conner, Dave Benson, Dave O'Keefe, David Brassell (6), David Brassell II (3), David Crist, David DeJesus, Dominic Jaroch, Ed Favela, Felipe Hernandez, Gino Kopel, Jake Cluchey, James McCaskill, Jerry Regep, Joey Brassell, Joey Brassell III, John Berg, John Curry (2), Jonathon Jackson, Julie Snoke, Kenneth Holder, Kenny Coffey, Kevin Robertson, Kirk Hubbell, Kirk Sandoval, Kyle Gilbert, Larry Roberts, Mario Scott, Mark Adcock, Matt DeYoung, Matt Tidwell, Mike Centrachio, Mike DeYoung (2), Mike Gilbert, Mike Haren, Neil Blackburn, Osvaldo Maldonado, Randy McCutchen (4), Reuben Smith (2), Richard Bloomquest, Richard Boger, Ricky Burnett, Rob Hack, Robert Simms, Ron Cunningham, Russ Lasta, Sarah Metcalf, Scott Ciepley (3), Scott Fabing, Sergio Villagomez, Shane Wheeler, Stephan Mahoney, & Tim Ashburn.

If one of our employees has impressed you lately, please recognize them as a Power Performer by completing this brief form Online Power Performer.

Thank you,

Sho-Link, Inc.

Your Partner on the Show Floor

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