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Sho-Link's August Power Performer Selected

Congratulations to Scott Ciepley, from the Chicago office on being selected as the Power Performer winner for August 2018! He has been recognized for helping maneuver everyone and everything for the member during set up. He is being awarded a gift card for his efforts.

Other recognized Power Performers include:

Aaron Lincoln, Alvin Decuir (2), Andrew Cagle, Austin Harju (2), Ben Langton, Bill Shrewsbury, Billy Davison, Brandon Speck, Brian Roberts, Bryan Mackovyak, Byron Glass, Casey Burchak, Charles Thompson (2), Chris Avaritt, Chris Perez (2), Cody Nichols (2), Dan Bernier (2), Dan Koski, Dave DeJesus, Dave Maglott, Dave O'Keefe, David Brassell (2), Ed Cagle, Ed Favela (2), Edilio Marchetti, Frank Kocimski, Gino Kopel, Henry Membreno, Jake Cluchey (2), Jeff Brosseau, Jerell Maldonado, Jim Streicher, Joe Fitzpatrick, Joe Schuldt, Joe Terzi, Joey Brassell, Jr., John Britton, John Visvardis, Jon Flodstrom, Josh Ludwig, Keith Hall, Ken Hoskin, Kent Griffith, Kirk Hubbell, Kyle Kludasch, Marc Santos, Marie Colon, Mark Roddy, Mija Noble, Mike Darland, Pat Miller, Randy McCutchen (2), Rich Boger, Richard Hilton, Rob Arroyo (2), Roger Doan (2), Ryan Andersen, Ryan Maldonado, Sam Blankenship, Sam Kopp, Stan Acovelli, Stephan Mahoney, Steve Gosdin (2), Steve Watson, Steve Rivera, Tom Covington (2), Tony Ashburn, Vladimir Nunez & Will Goza.

If one of our employees has impressed you lately, please recognize them as a Power Performer by completing this brief form Online Power Performer.

Thank you,

Sho-Link, Inc.

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