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Sho-Link, Inc. names Rob West as Vice President of Operations

Lake Forest, IL (August 2019) - Sho-Link Incorporated names Rob West as Vice President of Operations.

Working closely with the Regional Managers he oversees, West is responsible for all direct city management for Sho-Link and reports directly to Colleen Johnson, Corporate Vice President. This includes the development and implementation of Sho-Link’s show floor service standards, monitoring the financial performance of the cities, and training initiatives for the Sho-Link safety program.

Scott Rudel, President, states, “Rob has filled many roles with the company and continues to set and accomplish new goals for himself and Sho-Link. This promotion is well earned, and I look forward to watching Rob excel with the added responsibilities that will follow him. Congratulations Rob”.

Johnson shares, “Rob’s operations focus is imperative as he advocates for our city management teams and ensures that they receive the tools and training necessary to provide reliable exceptional service. His continued emphasis will be on ensuring that Sho-Link’s core values are represented in the field.”

West started his career in the tradeshow industry as a union carpenter in 1995 with West Displays and Sho-Link, Inc. He relocated to Orlando where he worked initially as a lead man. West was quickly promoted to Assistant City Manager, and within the same year he was elevated to City Manager. In 2006, he was promoted to Regional Manager for Sho-Link and returned to Chicago. His responsibilities as Regional Manager included overseeing the City Managers in Sho-Link’s direct service locations. In 2017 he was named Senior Director of Field Operations.

“I am extremely excited to take on my new role and responsibilities within Sho-Link. Over the last 24 years with Sho-Link, I have always received positive reinforcement and encouragement as my responsibilities have changed, and I am excited to share that knowledge with others to continue making Sho-Link the outstanding company it has become,” states Rob West, VP Operations.

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