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Jose Herrera named as the 2019 Sho-Link Employee of the Year

Jim Genzano, Regional Director of Operations, presented the Employee of the Year award to Jose Herrera at Sho-Link’s Year End Celebration Party.

Herrera started in the business in September of 2011 working for a local exhibit house as a builder in their shop. Shortly after he left the Exhibit house, he joined the Southern California Sho-Link team as a union carpenter.

His direct supervisor, Southern California manager Leandra Spontak had this to say, “Jose always goes the extra mile in everything he does. If we need him to be a part of a crew, he fills that role. He also excels at being a lead supervisor and motivating the crew to exceed client expectations. He was the best equipment manager we have had and is now meeting the challenges of being a show supervisor when needed. He does everything well and we are fortunate to have him on our team.”

“Since day one Jose has made an immediate positive impression on both the local city manager and with his peers. Jose has showed strong initiative and an innate ability to get along with everyone. Our clients and crews all request him on their jobs”, relates Genzano.

Herrera shares that he is “really grateful to be recognized for all the hard work put in and grateful to have found a solid foundation for my future with Sho-Link.”

President Scott Rudel adds. “We are very excited to be able to recognize Jose as a great example of the type of leader and mentor that represents our core values. Please join us in congratulating Jose on his Employee of the Year recognition.”

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