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Happy New Year

I was looking over a few of my previous New Year letters and realized that I tend to close with a thank you and appreciation to everyone for their incredible accomplishments and contributions to our previous years’ success.

This year let’s try something new. Let’s start this year’s letter with me thanking everyone for a great job and your soon to be amazing accomplishments of 2020. “What?” you say, “The year has just begun.” Yes, I am aware of this. So why would I get so far out in front and thank people now? CONFIDENCE that’s why. Absolute unequivocal confidence.

In my nineteen years with Sho-Link, the last seven as President, what I have seen our Sho-Link leaders and their crews accomplish has been inspiring. A great many of you have been here for a long part of the journey, we greatly appreciate your contributions, adaptability and continued commitment. For those of you who are new, thank you for your new perspectives and enthusiasm, for it is you who teach us old dogs’ new tricks.

Now, it is important to understand that being praised for things that have yet to be realized is a double edge sword. There is an enormous difference between confidence and arrogance. My outreach to you pre year end has bestowed upon you a tremendous responsibility. I have done this because of who you are. You are our “PROVEN”.

I am thanking you now for the challenges you will inherit, for overcoming difficult positions, for rising above deemed unfair obstacles while accepting accountability for actions created by others. I will again watch you stand up for your brothers and sisters on the floor, while denouncing bad practices. I will watch as you walk with poise, there is nothing wrong a little swagger in your walk if you do this not out of arrogance but because of confidence.

I thank you today for the hard work you will have put in by the end of this year. You will be physically tired with having found little opportunity to find time to rest. The schedule for this year is extensive throughout all our cities. It is impossible, to not mention the long haul that your leaders in Las Vegas will realize this year, in fact not even sure when they will find time to glance over this letter. The upside of this is that you will have tremendous opportunities to recruit and grow your crews and showcase your confidence.

In 2020 you will see changes that will again reflect on the fast-paced world of IT and the way we will communicate with our Members and amongst ourselves. (Old dogs, new tricks thing).

You will see new strategic management initiatives in Texas that will afford new opportunities for our crews and management. You will see new affiliate options that broaden our reach and service for our members. You will see new advances through our Rising Star Program. New equipment will need to be purchased.

We will see new collaborative opportunities with new Account Executives and their teams, as we look to expand our Membership. You will see a new format of our Leadership meeting this year. New positions will be filled by strong, enthusiastic and valued employees looking to grow within our organization. Some will be starting a new phase of their life with well-earned retirement privileges.

There are more plans to unveil but I’ll save some of that for during the year.

In reflection… 2019, Our Next Year of Success. Those were the words I used last year as the title of my year end letter.

You did not disappoint. Your crews did not disappoint. Our members did not disappoint. Our affiliates did not disappoint. Our associations did not disappoint, and our industry did not disappoint.

We set new growth expectations and with our members we accomplished them. We strengthened our position with our members and their teams as true partners. As partners we all supported the Sho-Link vision; To Be the Service-Oriented Company Others Aspire to Be.

We strengthened our already exceptional safety program. We introduced the Rising Star Program. We participated in increased Museum installation work through our Members. We invested in our IT infrastructure to keep current with industry needs and standards. We purchased new vehicles to maximize efficiencies in equipment movement. We grew our Employee Recognition programs. We supported industry events and industry charities more than ever before. We watched people step up and show by example strong leadership and mentorship to the next generation of stars and leaders.

We proudly supported each other during personal times of triumph and success and more importantly supported those experiencing difficult personal times. All of you, the administration staff, the city manager leadership, the traveling supervisors, the corporate staff and the show floor crews that everyday have the responsibility to represent Sho-Link, you have shown conviction for our core values. You should feel proud.

To our Affiliate partners. Your responsibility to provide service to many while honoring individual commitments, plays such an important role under some of the most unique situations. Thank you.

To the Sho-Link Board of Directors, thank you for your leadership, guidance and patience through an unusually busy year. Much was accomplished this year.

To the Sho-Link Members, it is everything to say, without your support and commitment to the partnership, there would be no need for me to be thanking any of the above. To Gene and Linda Winther, your long tenure and support of Sho-Link and me personally will always be remembered and we wish all the best to you and family.

In closing, I want to make it crystal clear the respect and admiration I have for every one of you, you are Sho-Link’s greatest asset. Your commitment to supporting our culture of Partnership and Pride has been rewarding and infectious. I hear about it everywhere I go. Thank you for representing our company so professionally and enthusiastically this past year. More importantly, I thank you in advance for the great job you will have done in 2020. It is a privilege to work with you.

See you soon,

Scott Rudel / President, Sho-Link Inc.

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