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"People start to heal the moment they feel heard."

​It has always been one of our core values, “To be prepared for the unexpected”. Without question, the events of the past month have been exactly that, unexpected.

Did we have a detailed plan that provided for something so specific as a Worldwide Pandemic? Obviously not, but what we did have in place was a strong, capable, and adaptable team dedicated to creating a detailed plan of action. A plan that addresses the unforeseen interruption of our industry in whole and our company directly.

We have a distinguishable advantage of being owned and supported by some of the strongest and most successful Exhibit builders in the industry. Our unique position in the industry allows us to continue business operations at a level to meet demands and expectations.

Sho-Link, like many industry companies has had to make difficult decisions that impacted our employees directly. The unabated pride and humility that our employees have shown these past few weeks has been inspiring.

Unquestionably, one of the most difficult aspects of this uncertain environment is the unknown. When will the all clear be sounded for us to turn the clocks forward and begin the process of getting back to normal? The optimism shared by industry leaders and though personal stories recently, convinces me that yes, we will be turning the clocks forward.

We are looking forward to seeing our Sho-Link crews on the show floor, doing what they do so well.

The best to everyone. Please make staying healthy yours and your family’s number one concern.

Scott Rudel

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